The Developer

SPLIT SECOND RESEARCH is an award winning neuromarketing company that was founded by two renowned world experts, Prof. Gemma Calvert and Dr. Eamon Fulcher, as well as Geraldine Trufil, an engineer and highly experienced project manager. They were joined by Mark Webster, a seasoned brand, marketing and communications professional, previously CEO of J Walter Thompson across Asia.

Split Second Research has developed a set of neuro-cognitive implicit tools that circumvent the problems of articulation and the biases that exist in traditional survey methods. People can find it very difficult to articulate how they feel about a brand, product, or service. Moreover, they often don’t do what they say they will do (as consumers). The implicit research tools developed by Split Second Research allow brand managers to find out how consumers really feel.

Split Second Research has offices in the UK, Singapore, Brazil, and the Philippines. It has fully developed research platforms that allow it to respond rapidly to clients' requirements - to build standardised tests very quickly and to be fast at analysing and interpreting research data.